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  • Shikigami ( 式神 , also read as Shiki-no-kami , 式の神) is the term for a being from Japanese folklore . It is thought to be some sort of kami , represented by a small ghost . [1] The belief of shikigami originates from Onmyōdō .
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  • Free Spaces A set of configuration that tries to avoid a crash with hitches is known as a free space the Cfree. Cfree has an accompaniment in C that is known as the forbidden region or the obstacle. It is often hard to calculate the figure of the
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  • We can hook you up with some of the best artists in the world. Not only that, but we make sure that the people who draw your fantasy are actually qualified to do so. We make sure they are fans of Fairy Tail, we dont want some outsider to mess up

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