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As part of the Family Strategy HMP Low Moss have updated their visits timetable, which will go live on Monday 13th March.  Visits can be booked using the normal booking line.

In Tuesday’s post , I discussed the roadblocks to suing your prison on a tort theory if you’re in a public prison. In Wednesday’s post , I discussed how many of these roadblocks fall away if you’re in a private prison. Today, I’ll talk about whether the federal and state Prison Litigation Reform Acts alter this conclusion in any way.

Bettridge detailed the allegations in a letter to the standing committee on public accounts (Scopa), which is probing irregularities in the contract, awarded in November 2015.

Although diminished impulse control lies at the root of most criminal convictions, meaningful opportunities to educate prison inmates on the ABCs of basic impulse control are rare. But such a period arises when prison policymakers decide to transform correctional facilities having tobacco use rates in excess of 50% into smoke-free, tobacco-free or nicotine-free environments. This highly teachable quitting period is fertile ground for planting broad insights into what may be the most relentless impulse of all, satisfying the brain's endless need to feed upon a new supply of smoked, chewed or dipped nicotine.

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term paper on prisonsterm paper on prisonsterm paper on prisons