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Clients will have online access to the computing power of the first IBM Q systems by the end of 2017, with a series of planned upgrades during 2018. IBM is focused on making available advanced, scalable universal quantum computing systems to clients to explore practical applications. The latest hardware advances are a result of three generations of development since IBM first launched a working quantum computer online for anyone to freely access in May 2016. Within 18 months, IBM has brought online a 5 and 16 qubit system for public access through the IBM Q experience and developed the world's most advanced public quantum computing ecosystem.

One challenge with identifying opportunities for process improvement is to define the right scope for the current effort. You don't need to define the entire process first and then start measuring to determine cost savings; that's not a realistic requirement and is rarely an option. What most organizations do is baseline their existing process, then make improvements incrementally over time and measure as they go.

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term paper on ibmterm paper on ibmterm paper on ibm