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Windmill farms are sprouting up around the world. Australia, Europe and the United States are all investing in wind as a leading source of  renewable energy . The business of wind not only includes the generation and sale of power, but also the design and construction of wind turbines. Few countries rely on wind for more than a tiny fraction of their power generation needs, but many countries are interested in the possibility.

The Noka 1100 was the bestselling electrical device in history at the time of its release. It sold more than 250 million units from 2003 to 2009. Consumers in third-world countries continue to clamor for this phone's technology that has now been sold more than 1 billion times. This cell phone featured 36 monophonic ringtones, it had a capacity for 50 messages, and it could last up to 400 hours between charges.

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term paper on cell phonesterm paper on cell phonesterm paper on cell phones