Powerpoint presentation of term paper

Download presentation:   This presentation prepared with the help of Microsoft Powerpoint Autocontent Wizard. Where could we go without it? Peter Norvig -- See the making of the presentation and a related essay and a video interview . -- Permission is granted to use this presentation in any course or educational presentation.

The presentations are not timed in any way, and you can move through them at your own pace. You can then cause each animation in the slide show to take place in turn by striking the keyboard's space-bar or clicking the mouse-button, or using the "page up" and "page down" arrows or buttons to move forward and backward in the presentation. Sometimes, more than one click will be required, but be patient. Once the presentation is downloaded, the speed of the animations is a function of your computer's processor, not the Web server or the Internet connections. These clicks also take the user from slide to slide. The last click on the last slide will cause the presentation to end automatically.

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powerpoint presentation of term paperpowerpoint presentation of term paperpowerpoint presentation of term paper