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Our kings were sympathetic to their subjects. They tried to ensure happiness for their people. A hungry person is a disgrace in any kingdom… Today leaders never come out to hear voices of their people so that they can know how they are living. Our government is not like it was in the kingdoms of Lobengula, Mzilikazi, and Shaka. Chiefs had power then to say and change the lives of their subjects.

Architect Bob Berkebile helped created the LEED rating system in the 1990s and remains a strong supporter.   (Photo: Dan Videtich, BNIM Architects)

Our Christian mission trips partner with communities for lasting change, so you can make a difference as an individual or as part of a group mission trip.

All EBL courses exceed the voluntary industry minimum guidelines. EBL has established its own set of building practices which have been reviewed and endorsed by structural engineers and call for superior products. Further, EBL contributes to and constructs tours to the installation standards set forth by the Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA). EBL is an Accredited Vendor with the PRCA. Visit PRCA website »

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nation building term papernation building term papernation building term paper