Long term paper storage

The long tail concept has found some ground for application, research, and experimentation. It is a term used in online business, mass media , micro-finance ( Grameen Bank , for example), user-driven innovation ( Eric von Hippel ), knowledge management, and social network mechanisms (. crowdsourcing , crowdcasting , peer-to-peer ), economic models, marketing ( viral marketing ), and IT Security threat hunting within a SOC ( Information_security_operations_center ).

For really long term storage, a freezer has worked very well. The 'Grampa Neff' beans I planted in 2007 had been in the freezer for over 20 years, and they grew fine. Make sure the seeds are completely dry, and protected from all moisture. Remember, that means an air tight glass, or metal [including aluminum coated plastic] container.

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long term paper storagelong term paper storagelong term paper storage