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Another fact that increases the risk of false positive viral loads is that these tests use RNA sequences that are based on the antibody proteins detected by the ELISA and Western Blot antibody tests. This means that if a person has a false positive or indeterminate result on either of the antibody tests they are also very likely to have a false positive result on the viral load test. False positive and indeterminate results on these tests are well described. For instance, 20 to 40% of healthy blood donors with no risk factors for HIV infection and who test negative on the ELISA test will test indeterminate on the Western Blot test (Proffitt et al. 1993).

“We recognise that the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Council on AIDS brings us together in a forum where Government and Non-Governmental Organizations of all formations including, but not limited to; business, civil society, faith based organizations, traditional institutions of leadership; engage in vigorous debate, as equals, to charter a way forward that will address HIV and AIDS, STIs, and TB on all fronts”. Extract from Constitution of the Provincial Council on AIDS (PCA) 2013: Page 2.

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Although the Berlin patient was treated in 2007, researchers are only now officially using the word "cure." That's because extensive tests -- including analyses of tissues from his brain , gut, and other organs -- detect no sign of lingering HIV.

Eventually, serious illnesses might perhaps develop as a result of HIV infection – particularly if you haven't had first-class treatment. Commonly, these include infections that are normally prevented by the immune system. They inlude:

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