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The law dictates that only Filipino citizens are allowed to buy a home or a condo. A foreigner, however, can co-own the said property via his or her Filipino spouse. Another way to own property is if the foreigner first owns a corporation or a partnership that is at least 60% Filipino-owned. Otherwise, the homebuyer may be disqualified from the legal privilege of owning real estate. There are a few exceptions to the law, but a foreigner must not own the land in which the house was built, according to a Manila Standard Today report about foreign real estate ownership in the country.

Given the fact that Housing Loan Default is something to be avoided, there are some reasons why they happen. Here are some common ones:

Here are the respective requirements for different categories of Individual Voluntary Members. Please check with group you belong.

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halimbawa ng isang term paperhalimbawa ng isang term paperhalimbawa ng isang term paper