Electricity and magnetism term paper

For of the derived units such as electric flux there are multiple possible unit definitions. The two standard definitions for electric flux are and as the following derivation from the former to the latter shows they are both correct.

The net magnetic flux out of any closed surface is zero. This amounts to a statement about the sources of magnetic field. For a magnetic dipole, any closed surface the magnetic flux directed inward toward the south pole will equal the flux outward from the north pole. The net flux will always be zero for dipole sources. If there were a magnetic monopole source, this would give a non-zero area integral . The divergence of a vector field is proportional to the point source density, so the form of Gauss' law for magnetic fields is then a statement that there are no magnetic monopoles.

Grade 4 Physical Science Magnetism and Electricity Written By: Hortencia Garcia Christina Mavaro Kathleen Tomscha Developed in Conjunction with K-12

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