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A subject of on-going research is the formation of the Moon, some Bya. [54] A working hypothesis is that it was formed by accretion from material loosed from Earth after a Mars -sized object, named Theia , impacted Earth. [55] In this scenario, the mass of Theia was approximately 10% of that of Earth, [56] it impacted Earth with a glancing blow, [57] and some of its mass merged with Earth. Between approximately and 7000380000000000000♠  Bya , numerous asteroid impacts during the Late Heavy Bombardment caused significant changes to the greater surface environment of the Moon, and by inference, to that of Earth.

This paper presents the biblical case for “old-earth creationism” (OEC) and endeavors to clear up theological misconceptions regarding OEC held by many well-intentioned “young-earth creationist” (YEC) believers. The purpose is not to dissuade young-earth believers from their position, but rather to propose OEC as a well-reasoned, Bible-honoring view that has been embraced by scholars such as Francis Schaeffer, James Boice, and Norman Geisler.

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earth science term paperearth science term paperearth science term paper