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4. A physical or mental functional limitation.
a. Physical limitations. The physical functional incapacity of certain patients may exceed the patient care capability of ICFs.
(1) Bedfast patients.
(2) Quadriplegics or other severe paralysis cases. Severe quadriplegics may require such demanding attention (skin care, personal assistance, respiratory embarrassment) as to justify placement in SNF.
(3) Patients who are unable to feed themselves.
(4) Patients who require extensive assistance with personal care such as bathing and dressing

Most of us find it unpleasant to be wrong. Soon after beginning to learn the piano I gave my first performance before an audience. I was nervous, and began playing the piece an octave too low. I got confused, and couldn't continue until someone pointed out my error. I was very embarrassed. Yet while unpleasant, we also learn quickly when we're decisively wrong. You can bet that the next time I played before an audience I played in the correct octave! By contrast, we learn more slowly when our errors are less well-defined.

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chapter 3 term paper samplechapter 3 term paper samplechapter 3 term paper sample