97 ford explorer sport

My wife’s $55k Ford Explorer Platinum with 1100 miles suddenly died while driving it. It was 10:30 on a cold rainy night just outside of Paterson NJ, an area plagued with gang and drug violence. We called roadside assistance and were told within 90 minutes a tow truck would be there. My young son was in the car so we asked that in such a heavily populated area would they please send someone sooner. At 90 minutes we called again - we were assured it would’ve only 10 more minutes. At the mark we called an Uber and abandoned the SUV. So 1 am in a bad area.

Front wheel drive sucks! Vehicle starts slow, but moves once it gets going. Need more power. Needs the option of turning off the LED lights . Having the vehicle in auxiliary mode should not have the LED lights come on. The sun visors should have another flap for storage . A full-size spare is always good!

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97 ford explorer sport97 ford explorer sport97 ford explorer sport