2007 nissan altima bumper

Nissan showed two concept vehicles at motor shows before it unveiled the production model: one at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2001, to preview a 21st-century GT-R; [10] and a redesigned one, dubbed GT-R Proto, at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show . Officials said the production GT-R would be 80 to 90% based on the second concept. [11]

The Sentra name was created for Nissan by Ira Bachrach of Namelab, and Bachrach describes the origin as "Nissan wanted consumers to understand that it was quite safe even though it was small. The word Sentra sounds like central as well as sentry, which evokes images of safety." [1]

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2007 nissan altima bumper2007 nissan altima bumper2007 nissan altima bumper