2001 dodge fender flares

Fender flares will enhance the rugged looks of any truck, plus they’ll prevent big, aggressive off-road tires from hurling harmful debris onto your rig ...

Wide custom wheels and big off-road tires with their aggressive lug pattern sure look great on a truck, but increased width and negative wheel offset can make the tires stick out past the fenders. Without some protection, stones and muck thrown up by the tread will be decorating the sides of the truck, likely causing chipped paint or even worse. And besides causing damage, tires that protrude past the fenders are illegal in many states. If you’ve got a big set of meats that jut out past the fenders on your pickup, no worries. With our fender flares it will be protected, legal, and look even more rugged.

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2001 dodge fender flares2001 dodge fender flares2001 dodge fender flares