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It was also received very well by the public, as over 200,000 Tauruses were sold for the 1986 model year. [2] Its radical design was also noticed by the film industry, which began using modified Taurus models in future-themed films, such as Back to the Future Part II . Most notably, the Taurus was prominently featured in the 1987 action film RoboCop , where modified 1986 LX sedans are used as police vehicles driven by the titular character ; one of the Taurus sedans used in filming is on display at the Branson Auto Museum in Branson, Missouri . [9] In 1989, the millionth Taurus was sold [2] after three years in production.

The interior was also completely redesigned for 1992. As part of the redesign, the Ford Taurus gained a passenger-side airbag as an option, which became standard in 1994, becoming the first mid-size sedan sold in the United States with standard dual airbags. [6]

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2000 ford taurus performance parts2000 ford taurus performance parts2000 ford taurus performance parts