1999 ford taurus transmission

Many designs were considered during the development process, from designs that resembled the second generation cars, to more radically styled cars. They eventually decided on a radical new styling scheme based upon oval derived design elements, which would prove to be the car's Achilles heel in the marketplace. [6] Chief designer Jack Telnack, who oversaw the development of the first and second generation Taurus, said that his Taurus was designed the way it was to stand out in the marketplace, and that the use of the oval was becoming the new global design theme for Ford. [5]

Engine : A stock Mustang Cobra, dual-overhead cam, engine was dropped in place of the single-overhead-cam engine Ford’s Panther Platform originally came with. Roush Performance in Plymouth Township, Michigan, performed the swap and further modified the engine for improved cooling, adding a larger radiator from a V10 F-250, an engine-driven clutch fan, an additional electric pusher fan mounted in from of the radiator/AC condenser, and a larger oil cooler. To make room, the battery was moved to the trunk, and the coolant reservoir from a ’93 Crown Victoria was installed. The Cobra engines were rated at 320 hp compared with the Crown Vic’s 230 hp.

The 1999 Ford Taurus has 1230 problems & defects reported by Taurus owners. The worst complaints are transmission, AC / heater, and engine problems.

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1999 ford taurus transmission1999 ford taurus transmission1999 ford taurus transmission