1994 dodge ramcharger

The distributor is not easy to get to. It sits all the way on the back of the engine, and there are plenty of other parts blocking your way. The best way to get to it is to remove the intake system, including the throttle body. Put them aside, and set yourself up to gain easy access to the back of the engine bay. A step stool on the side will work, as will a piece of plywood on top of the engine to lie down on.

The vehicle was powered by the "LA" series Chrysler small block engines , the most common being the 318 cu in ( L) V8 , with the optional 360 cu in ( L) V8 . Also, available were the larger big-block "B" and "RB" wedge series 400 cu in ( L) V8 and B 440 cu in ( L) V8 as additional options.

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1994 dodge ramcharger1994 dodge ramcharger1994 dodge ramcharger