1994 dodge dakota

I bought my '94 Dakota (w/ V6)
with 120,000 miles on it about 3 years
ago, and have had absolutely no major
problems. I'm now up to 155,000 miles
and still going great!
I've been very pleased with how
reliable this vehicle has been. I'm
in Minnesota and have had it parked
outside in well below zero temps and
it always starts right up. I'm no
great car expert, but it's been really
solid for me. The paint's been fine,
too, unlike some reports I've heard.

I replace the crank sensor , distributor sensor thingy, then the brain box or engine computer still nothing so out of desperation I plugged in a extra relay I puled from junk yard to an empty relay plug thinking it could have maybe fell off and oops wires started smoking and then I lost all power to fuse box and ignition. after I got over being pissed at myself for doing that. The next morning I started searching the wiring and discovered someone had this problem before and rigged it.. as I found a inline fuse that had no power and a break in another wire. So I ran power back to the wire and repaired the broken wire and she fired right up and is running darn good again.

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1994 dodge dakota1994 dodge dakota1994 dodge dakota