1993 nissan 300 zx

The Z32 appeared on the scene in 1990 following a long line of fantastic "Z" vehicles, well known for their performance, appearance, and affordability. This generation 300zx also boasted a twin-turbo version outputting a generous 300HP to the wheels, elevating it to the upper echelon of Japanese sports coupes. Although my Z is over 15 years old, ...

Despite the presence of that additional equipment, the first generation "Z31" variant of the 300ZX (1983-1989) continued in the tradition of the original S30 as a mid-priced model. The second generation "Z32" was driven up-market, being faster, more capable, more advanced, and much higher priced than its predecessor, with consecutive price increases each model year of availability. As such, the Z31 was the more accessible, and ultimately the more popular model, selling over 100,000 more units in total than the Z32. In 1983-1984 the Nissan 300ZX Turbo brand new priced around $12,000-$18,000

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1993 nissan 300 zx1993 nissan 300 zx1993 nissan 300 zx